Climate Paws

IMG_4018This one time I was carried around in a bag…yes a bag, so embarrassing and people had signs and apparently I had a sign reading “French bulldog for the environment.” It was kinda like going to a dog park but no dogs and just a lot of people but not sniffing each other’s butts but all hanging out on a lawn.  Then they all formed this march for this thing called the Climate March according to my mom. My mom told me the ruler with orange hair was trying to destroy our planet. Mom held a sign that read “Jesus would March.” For the past 6 years my human makes us pick up plastic on all our walks to at trail one, san onofre, and daily beach trail walks. If I had hands to pick up the plastic bottles I would. Mom told me as caretakers of the earth we need to care about God’s creation.


We both chuckle to ourselves when we see the signs reading “No dogs, smoking, alcohol, public nudity, or amplified sound on beach.” Wow my kind is put on the naughty list! One day over the summer my human had to leave me home while she went to the beach since I was being discriminated against. On the beach she saw baby diapers, plastic bottles, trash thrown all over the beach….then some guy with his stroller ran over a baby diaper and just kept walking off the beach.   And dogs aren’t allowed on the beach?! My message for everyone today is  summarized as this ‘the test of the morality of a society is how it leaves the environment for future generations.’ I know there will be other dogs after me that deserve a place to sniff butts without fossil fuels.getting in the way of ones’ sniffing abilities. This is not a liberal agenda for the vegan dawgs in LA and San Fran, but our Creator cares about this place so I do too. I want to protect it and cherish it so I can continue to smell the trees and eat healthy rabbits frolicking about. Don’t forget to pick up a piece of plastic, take your dog for a walk and enjoy the sunshine today and take in nature. Love, Eben

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