I smell Buffalo and it’s stinking cold here

There I am, wanting to eat that big guy with horns, but mom won’t let me jump out of the car window. Geez. Then there’s this embarrassing mountain bike ride, I am put in a gear bag, Patagonia I hear, you know its that snooty brand for people who believe in the environment. I am wheeled around but you know I kinda liked it, I got to sniff the air and dream about the big guy with horns for dinner. IMG_0608We camped in the grand Tetons national park and there was white stuff that had fallen from the sky. It was dog gone cold! Don’t laugh but I had two or three layers on. There was even some snow at the campsite. We went to the lake and mom kept saying there were no seals out there but she always kids like that. IMG_0618There was this place called Yellowstone national park but i didn’t see yellow stones anywhere, plus I don’t even see in color. Anyway, there was this geyser my pack went to check out and left me in the car, because national parks discriminate towards dogs, yep thats right. Come on dog lives matter! Mom said the geyser smelled like man farts so I was kinda bummed I missed out. There were so many beautiful colors I’m told on the trees. I saw a moose and I started making my frenchie call which is known as the Teradacal. IMG_0624My pack went to a brewery in Jackson hole and there was a sign that read no dogs on premises not even outside, wow what kind of brewery is that? Don’t they know some dogs love beer? My pack is a camping kind and we sleep in the car when its too cold, but my pack hit the jackpot getting a huge discounted rate at the Grandview and mom said it was the nicest 1,000 sq ft places she’s stayed at. It had a view of the Tetons. I slept by a fireplace and dreamt of buffalos. We met the nicest people in Wyoming and my pack left me outside of the Cowboy Coffee and all these people that walked by kept taking photos of me in my jacket. I don’t know if they’d seen my kind in a jacket? My pack drank good beer from the Melvin brewery and we all sniffed the air, took in nature, the animal sightings, and tried to stay away from grizzlies!IMG_0619IMG_0626

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