Good Morning Viet Dog!


What’s the best part of waking up? For some its Foldgers in your cup. that would never happen in this household with coffee snobbery. I hear some mornings, “Good morning Viet Dog.” Mom said she remembers watching a movie where Robin Williams did the radio broadcasting starting out with “Good morning vietnam.”i wake up around 7:15am to go potty, then beg for dinner and then do my morning snuggle with mom for 20 min.  I’m an independent  kind of guy so I choose to snuggle routinely in the morning. My routine every morning: human leans over and kisses me (she knows i hate that!) and tells me her usual mantra “Jesus loves you more than we can understand on this side of heaven”, “Heaven is your true home,” “Jesus is your true parent.”  I know that when she says these reminders that it both comforts her heart and stings. She knows in her heart that what she loves most is not truly hers and one day will go away. The Creator loves what we love even more than we do. The best part of our day in this household is the morning…family time snuggles, drinking tea in bed, and me getting kisses. I hope you make your day Pawsome every morning! For some they wake up thinking about what all they have to do that day…I know I struggle with that too… I need to seal watch, go to Three Dog Bakery, walk a few miles, poop, beg for poke, and yes the list goes on! But what would it be like to wake up and be present to those you love and bless them and bless yourself…rather than first thinking about what you need to do, but simply kiss your dawg good morning? 

15 thoughts on “Good Morning Viet Dog!

  1. Bruce

    I just love the words are used so true stop and smell the roses! I play with the kitty first thing in the morning and then I get up feed the kitties make my coffee make my breakfast and listen to music while I watch the kitties eat


  2. mimbasaunt

    “The creator loves what we love even more than we do” Eben you and your mom Have so much love in your hearts!! Looking forward to more 🐾 pawesome adventures and exciting dreams coming true! 💫
    On this side of heaven❤️❤️


  3. cameron nault

    Mr. Eben, I miss you dearly. I like to hang with you and your Crazy Baffert Fam Clan. They’ve got so much Wag in their steps. Even when the days are so ruff, i know everything is paws-ible with a dog like you on this earth. Wuv Camwan


    1. Thank you uncle camo for the nice message about my blog and saying anything is possible with a dog like me on this earth. I see God love us so well and i know He sure does love you too. Miss you uncle camo… and i hope you can see the pack again soon. sending hugs, love from Eben


  4. Bruce Baffert

    Wow waking up to snuggles and kisses you are such a lucky dog with all those thoughts about seals and food I’m so surprised you think about snuggling but yet you do! It’s a beautiful thing this is your grandpa speaking


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