“I like big Seals and I can not lie”

I look for them everywhere I go. Mammoth lakes, the merced, beach camping jalama, the river in telluride, catalina, and of course my little home town san clemente. Mom has to spell the 4 letter word s-e-a-l, but i know what she’s saying. She says there’s no seals at lake tahoe but i know she’s kidding. Every time she fools me with trying to get me to look for a photo and says “dog beach,” man i fall for it every time. I’m so into that place. Back to seals, I’ve jumped on 3 now on the beach, trying to play or hunt..wouldn’t my mom like to know. Grandpa and Grandma took me on my 7th bday recently on their boat to find one. My grandparents got me a seal for my birthday or thats what I thought, I screamed out to him but he didn’t seem to know what I was saying. I just wanted some seal tacos for dinner. oops did i say that? You can find me walking the beach trail everyday or the streets of dana point harbor as I stare out looking for them, then we sit at our usual spots and i sniff the air for them. People ask what i’m doing, isn’t it obvious? I’m seal watching. Never got into whale watching personally.  At home, I’ve never noticed the big box in all my life, but the other night my dad was watching this black box and that’s when I saw them. I tried to jump into the back box crying out but they didn’t seem to want to play!

6 thoughts on ““I like big Seals and I can not lie”

  1. Merritt

    i love you eben, and im thrilled i have been apart of your adventures and im happy we got to recently take a road trip with your mom ( my best friend) to santa barbara while i was back on the mainland. i miss living so close so we dont get to spend as much time together but i think of you often. you gave us a scare that trip but what is life without some extra adventure! i love reading your thoughts.. keep up the blog!! love you both so much!!! love aunty merr


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