Tidings of Comfort and Dog

We have been taking in the Christmas season, hence mom was late this year with my Christmas blog. Im still waiting for a computer especially made for paws! 

Mom got out the Christmas decorations, which include colorful lights that i cant see…just kidding of course i don’t see in just black and white! The decorations include lots of things from her childhood, including reindeer stuffed animals that Lassen has eaten some of their noses and ears off, wreaths, and ornaments for the tree. I heard her talking to dad about how she realized why she loves all the lights, the tree, the fireplace on, the apple cider…she longs for comfort. I totally know what she means…geez. i long for three dog bakery to comfort me! She tried explaining too me that life can be hard with all the stress, expectations, work, people to tend to and that why she loves the Christmas season is because there is a longing for her soul to take in comfort and joy through the lights, cozy fires, hot drinks, yummy food, decorations from the past, and even gifts. She told me that i bring so much comfort to her soul everyday and you know what she does to mine too. Who brings comfort to you? For me it’s my mom, my dad, my bro man Lassen do. I still do find comfort and joy in three dog bakery and listening to seals sing sweet lullabies. 

This season was filled with lots of hard work for my pawerents getting the cabin  they just purchased ready for airbnb, but it was also filled with so much love and  snuggles and cozy times sitting on the couch with the heater running while Lass and i cuddled right near mom.  Mom always says to Lass and I  “There is so much love in this house and I love you’s’ more than any.”. Christmas eve was different this year…normally we go to the grandparents but this year we did bunch with friends at our den and then we took our buddy ollie and his mom seal hunting in the dana point harbor. I’ve got to say, not experiencing the stress of the holiday season going around shopping last minute with mom and family drama was so wonderful but simply doing what i love most…seal hunting was a dream come true.  We walked the whole dana point harbor so i could get in all my seal hunting  in and lass has really stepped up his game with the seal watching too. Mom got a picture of ollie, myself, and lass where we all looked so happy running on the dock sniffing around for seals…mom says, “this is a picture of  comfort and joy.”  Isn’t this what we all long for from all the presents and the Christmas season? Mom entitled the picture “who let the dogs out?!” it’s that kind of energy…you know the kind that makes you want to be free, run, and play. Christmas Eve evening mom and dad got true Italian style  pizza from Brick  and we all watched “The Grinch who stole Christmas.” That Grinch guy had it going on truly, despite his grinchiness he new presents wouldn’t bring the deepest comfort to the soul. Waking up on Christmas morning, knowing that Santa had filled up our stockings was so pawseome! i could sniff it out that my main man Santa  had shown up. After mom and dad had their  biscuits and coffee, it was the time that we had been waiting for ….opening of the stockings! Santa pants had gone to three dog bakery for me and got me a treat and a huge bone and even toys for lass and I! Mom placed me in my TP to do some bone chewing  that Santa had brought so Lass wouldn’t  beat me up since he has a thing with bones. My parents packed up all the Christmas presents from under the tree and we headed to our grandparents home. Lass loves it there because they have cats! They live one street from the bay where the seals love to hang.  My dad, Grandpaw, mom, lass, and I went for a walk to Grandpaw’s boat dock to go seal hunting! Can you ask for a better Christmas?!  Then Grandpaw later decided he wanted to go jogging and and asked if us two frenchies would go jogging with him. Before mom could decide grandpaw took off running and we began running after him and we never stopped…mom ‘jogged’ in her heels with us pulling her behind grandpaw. So nice to get out exercise in on Christmas!  The family opened up stockings at grandpaw’’s house and since mom says I’m so smart and know exactly what’s going on, i of course sat patiently by the stockings waiting for mine to be revealed, but the Santa pants forgot to come to my grandparents home or me and Lassen? What?!  Everyone got stockings there, even my naughty family members but not us? However, after i saw what they all got in their stocking I questioned if I really wanted a stocking…they all got cooking gloves by a company called “temptations” in their stockings. Dad said it sounded like a “naughty”store, so I definitely did not want that. My mom does my cooking so I don’t need anything naughty anyways.  When i opened up my Christmas present it was a huge seal stuffed animal that barks!  How did Santa know?! Rumor has it that Santa ordered Lassen a cat toy that meows and walks, but it didn’t come in time for Christmas. I’m not sure why Santa would need to go through that monopoly super power amazon when he has elves in his workshop, but i don’t question the guy. 

I wore my reindeer sweater all season that lights up and Lassen wore my old ugly Christmas sweater. We watched Christmas movies with mom and dad and we got lots of yummy treats.  We spent some of December at our new cabin and when we got home from Tahoe, we did our annual ‘Christmas vacation ‘ movie themed Christmas party, I dressed up as uncle Eddie of course. I’m not sure why mom has a poster of uncle Eddie in the bathroom  that reads “Merry Christmas the shifter was full”.  This year dad cut down our very own “griswald’s” christmas tree in our neighborhood of our cabin. The tree was so huge and hung off the roof of car that we transported 10 hours back to our den at the beach. We were in the annual Naples island boat parade in grandpaw’s boat. This year, Lassen was the star of the show dressed up as an Elf. I normally am the main star, but I’m happy to see Lassen take the stage. His performance as an Elf was really good. After the boat parade, someone saw Lassen  walking down the street and they asked if he had been in the parade…now he has officially become almost as famous as Elf the movie! We did our annual  volunteering at the United Cerebral Palsy center dressed up in our candy cane pj’s. I love bringing comfort to the people there. They bring comfort and joy to my mom too. After a month of working on the cabin, hosting parties, doing Christmas cards, shopping  til she dropped and wondering why she was doing all of this as she chased her tail…. my mom connected with all she longed for in this season she just needed to look right back into the faces of myself and Lassen and rest by the fire to find exactly what she needed…comfort and joy. She thought the lights and presents and good food would bring these things but they were just reminders of what her soul needed most needed…coziness and comfort and some joy. She couldn’t seem to latch onto it inside but her remembering how precious life is and not knowing what next year holds…she found the joy in her mantra “I am here, we are all here”

So my friends, i wish you comfort and joy…notice when you need comfort  and seek out soul comfort that is lasting and that brings goodness to your hearts. Maybe try seeking out bringing some good tidings to others that need it. Life is short my dawgs, don’t ever forget that  ‘We are all walking each other home’. as one of my mom’s favorite teachers says. So live into today with all the comfort, goodness, and joy you can find. Keep seeking, keep knocking, keep asking as my main man Jesus invites us to. I know it wasn’t the tree, lights, nor even three dog bakery that brought that most comfort to my heart, but it is knowing i am loved more than any, i have a place of belonging, I am accepted, and loved by my mom, dad and Lass and Creator … this is what matters most in this life. And so do you my friends…you have so much goodness… you belong here, you are loved…let that comfort your hearts. 

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