Remember When Corona Was Just a Beer?

Mom asked what my experience of Coronavirus has been, well I’ve noticed so many humans judging each other…’Wow they don’t do the stay at home order’… or  ‘Wow they do the stay at home order’….’I can’t believe that person is not wearing a mask’…’I can’t believe that person has a hazmat suit on.’  People are judging each other as bad dogs or good dogs…I’m so tired of hearing all the barking. Mom told me the virus is harmful, but we can’t let fear win …we can just be socially responsible and respectful, you know like don’t smell each others butts…when dogs are fearful that’s when they tend to bite. She told me thats how people are too.

There have been some dogs that come up and smell my butt and don’t take this coronavirus very seriously, I guess they watch a certain channel of news with their humans, while other dogs won’t even look at me or come near me! Man it feels good to have bigger dogs be scared of me for a change! While I love to hoard a bone and hide it around the house…I heard about these humans hiding toilet paper around their home…man that stuff doesn’t even taste good. My little brother likes eating paper…what is everyones problem? I heard that all these people tried to become bakers baking bread during quarantine…the only kind of baking I’m interested in is Three Dog Bakery. Not sure why people aren’t baking that, man that sounds way better. My mom has been doing this thing she calls the yoga in the living room and yes, I sit on her yoga mat to take my nap and then try and hump her leg while she is doing yoga. I am learning it’s not time to hump her leg, and am learning to sit on her yoga blanket waiting for the yoga to be over. Man, I really have missed humping all the legs of people that come over to our home.

My parents have been wearing paper on their faces. I’ve got to say, my dad’s breathe has been significantly better recently.  I’m not gonna lie though, I really miss the yummy smells, especially after he eats poke. After mom and dad’s small business’s were shut down by the government and I wasn’t allowed to walk on the trail where I seal hunt, we took to the van fully loaded with everything we needed and headed out to nature away from cities to socially distance. I heard dad got told he was a bad dog by some people for taking a picture (He’s a professional photographer) of a couple with their masks on …after some dogs told dad he was wasting masks for his photo shoot, dad informed them that they were first responders working on the frontlines and those were their masks. It was then that I started to see how some people were starting to turn into mean dogs.

I realize we need to care about each others packs, not just our own…some leaders of their packs have gotten sick or even died.  It makes me want to cry out with my frenchie noise that sounds like a pterodactyl. Maybe we should all make that noise together.  I know some humans are feeling stressed right now, man I’m stressed out when I’ve waited too long for Dinner! The parents business’s have been shut down, yes we all are feeling this. It’s easy for people to sit at home and judge each other. Maybe take a walk in nature instead. Let it bring you good tidings as a wise man once said. I’m really grateful for all the people who’ve remained kind to others despite all the fear and uncertainty…a kind and loving dog is a cherished dog. We all remember those who bite, but even more than that we will remember a good dog.



7 thoughts on “Remember When Corona Was Just a Beer?

  1. fosterbren2184

    You are so wise and full of love. We should all show love and kindness to
    each other. Love seeing your adventures. See you soon


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